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Kindergarten Readiness

Preparing your child for Kindergarten

Thinking about enrolling your child in Kindergarten at ICA? Here's a typical timeline of events you can expect to follow during the enrollment process.

We look forward to welcoming your child to kindergarten at Immaculate Conception Academy!

Parent Timeline

Call: 513-731-0154

Email the Academy office:

Email our Kindergarten teacher:

1. Contact the Academy

Call or email the Academy office expressing interest. You may also contact our kindergarten teacher directly. The headmaster and the kindergarten teacher will then share preliminary information.

2. Initial Parent Interview

A parent/teacher interview will be scheduled to discuss next steps. We typically schedule these interviews starting in January. You'll receive more information and next steps during this meeting.

3. Child Screening

A simple child screening test will be set up to determine child readiness. Child screenings will take place on April 26, May 10, and May 17. We notice that this is the best time of the year for children, as they've had the majority of the school year to continue learning.

Here's what your child should know

4. Observe a Class

Parents can optionally sit in on a kindergarten class to observe parent/student interactions.

5. Acceptance

Our Kindergarten teachers will reach out with their assessment of your child. If they determine that your child is ready for Kindergarten, registration papers will be sent along with a welcome letter and supply list. You can apply for the following school year.

Schedule a Child Screening
Available dates: April 26, May 10 & May 17

Families wishing to enroll their child in the Kindergarten class for the upcoming school year will need to schedule an appointment on one of these dates. Each child and his parents will meet with the Kindergarten teacher at this time. To schedule your appointment, please contact the Academy Office by calling (513) 731-0154, or by emailing Miss Bales directly at

Our Kindergarten Teachers

Meet the incredible crew behind our Kindergarten program:


Miss Maria Bales

Kindergarten Teacher


Miss Alyssa Montesano

Kindergarten Aide

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