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ICA Alumni

Welcome Immaculate Conception Academy Alumni!


Your time at Immaculate Conception has been an integral part of your life, shaping your character, providing unforgettable memories, and equipping you with knowledge and skills that have strengthened your Catholic faith and propelled you toward career success.

Join our Alumni community to reconnect with old friends, expand your network, give back and mentor or to stay informed about what’s going on at the Church and Academy.

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Magnificat Newsletter

Magnificat is a quarterly newsletter intended for the Alumni of Immaculate Conception Academy. The word Magnificat means to magnify and glorify God which is the driving force behind how we live our lives as Catholics.


Some of you may remember that Magnificat was first established in the late 1980s at St. Gertrude Academy as a student-run publication. We hope to revitalize this source of news for our students & former students and tie back into our traditions.


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Aaron’s Reading List

Who else misses Aaron Harrison’s Literature class? Check out a massive list of his book recommendations.

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Time is one of our most valuable resources. Please consider sharing your time and talents with Immaculate Conception Church and Academy!

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Jane Wittman, class of 2014

“I went to ICA for 13 years. It prepared me for college and made my dream of becoming a nurse a reality. I loved the opportunity to play sports and be involved in extracurricular activities. One of the most significant benefits though, was the friendships that I made and still have. My closest friends and my now husband are former classmates. These close friendships along with frequent access to the sacraments and a religious education gave me the support I needed to keep my Faith throughout college and into the real world. It was at ICA that I learned to fearlessly stand up for my Faith and provide the evidence to back it up. I have the fondest memories from ICA and truly believe that going there is what shaped me into the Catholic and successful adult that I am today. Fides et Honor!”

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