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Curriculum Overview

The Academy employs the classical curriculum, the educational program which has produced the greatest works of literature and the great advancements in the sciences. St. Ignatius Loyola saw in this program an excellent means for the education and salvation of souls and ordered the Society of Jesus to make use of it in all their schools.

The classical curriculum enhances the student’s powers of learning, reasoning, and self-expression by the inculcation of the Latin language and study of the great literature produced by civilization. A hallmark of the classical 5 curriculum is that the courses of study are not treated as isolated subjects, but they are consistently inter-related to manifest the unity of truth and of knowledge as it has developed through human history to the present day. In this way the classical curriculum enables a student to perfect his powers of knowing accurately, reasoning soundly, and expressing thoughts with clarity and precision.

Middle Grades Monday Minute

Please find below the Monday Minute. This will provide you with a brief overview of the subjects in the middle grades. The email addresses for each teacher are listed in the first column. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher directly.

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