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Summer Reading Program

Dear Parents and Students,

Here at the Academy, we always stress the beauty and the importance of reading especially during these summer months! In these crucial developmental years, it is so essential for the children to be reading, and to realize that we do not take a "vacation from learning." As a matter of fact, if a child were to go through all the weeks of the summer without reading, it would end up causing a regression in all the skills they have been practicing throughout the school year. So, it really is part of our responsibility as parents and educators to make sure that we not only keep our children reading, but that we also help them to see how beautiful, exciting, and important reading is for all their lives.

Image by Kimberly Farmer

Grades 1-6 Reading Challenge

We challenge grades 1-6 to read as many books as they can during the summer time, and to keep track of the books they read. One way the students could keep track of their books is by using a summer reading journal. In these journals they could write the title of each book they read, and then either write a short description of the book or even draw a picture based on the book. (Check the summer reading letter for more information)

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Grades 7 & 8

  • Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson


Grades 9 & 10

  • Ivanhoe Sir Walter Scott

  • The Book of Exodus (Old Testament)

  • Edmund Campion: A Life Evelyn Waugh


Grades 11 & 12

Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy

The Acts of the Apostles (New Testament)

The Boys in the Boat Daniel James Brown

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